Image of Craig Tattersall & Emmanuel Witzthum

Craig Tattersall & Emmanuel Witzthum

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Letra Rec a new label formed by Andrew Hargreaves and Craig Tattersall (of The Boats), to give artists space to create music for closer listening. The longer uninterrupted playing time of the CD format allows the listener to fully immerse themselves in the music. Each release will be limited to 250 copies.

The second release in the series finds Craig Tattersall and Emmanuel Witzthum continuing there collaboration (previously as E&I) with a facsimile of Tchaikovsky’s choral works.

The premise to these recordings was to try to create a hybrid that was at the same time a facsimile of a set of Nine of Tchaikovsky’s choral works and yet appeared to be a new set of songs.

Parameters where set at the beginning, there was to be no additional audio to be written and added, only copying & processing of the original recordings, as close to a ‘facsimile’ as possible, like an audio photocopy working with only contrast and zoom.
There was maths. Digital editing. Analogue tape work and Vocal copying to create the piece(s)

The choice of the choral work was very specific, for a long while choral music has been increasing effecting, not in a traditional religious sense but on an emotional level.
Unable to sing is a hurdle that cannot be easily over come in creating vocal work, so working with source material was an obvious path.

After listening to lots of choral work Tchaikovsky’s 9 sacred pieces seemed to be a set of songs that were returned to over and over again.

The title ‘Why do those blessed stars have to go out one by one, Why can't we stop time, You and I, And gather all the stars together, Just for us.’ Was pulled from a line in a 1947 radio play called ‘Operation Fleur De Lis’ and was used as part of another project, it has since been stored in a notebook for several years waiting for something to belong to. This was it.

Craig Tattersall